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Suction Nozzle

The new Gould-Bazooka, uses the Suction Nozzle principle. It is 67% more efficient then the currently used Straight Jet Venturi (Log) used by other dredge manufactures.

The main advantage by using the Suction Nozzle is reducing the amount of Horse Power and Pump needed. For example, a 5.0" Dredge would normally take (2) 5 or 6 HP (Horse Power) Motors to run it. Where as the efficiency of the Suction Nozzle would only require (1) 5 HP Motor to operate it. The expense drops and the back is saved from hauling in two pump systems.

Dredge Hose

A 5.0-ft. length of Dredge Hose is connected between the Suction Nozzle and the Gould-Bazooka.

Longer lengths of up to 30 ft. may be used but efficiency is reduced by friction of the hose. This is true in all dredges and when you have to suck rock and sand to the surface, where the dredge is located; the speed at which the material travels is drastically reduced. The Gould-Bazooka, however does not sit on the surface of the water, it rests on the bottom of the river. It now takes less energy and the tailing pile is moved much farther from the end of the dredge.

This is why the Gould-Bazooka is referred to as a Sub-dredge. If you add the length of the dredge hose plus the length of the Gould-Bazooka plus the Nugget Trap plus the length of the Suction Nozzle, it will equal 10 ft. The tailings are shot out another 5.0-ft. so the tailing pile is re-deposited 15 ft. from the end of the nozzle. If you had used a 20-ft. piece of Suction Hose, then the tailing pile would be 30 ft. from the end of the nozzle.

Specific Gravity

The Gould-Bazoka is different from most dredges, because it uses the principle of Specific Gravity, when separating the gold from the overburden. In most all dredges, the material is constantly churning, adding air bubbles to the mixture and especially the gold. The air bubbles can carry fine gold right out of a common sluice box. When the gold try's to settle out, it is engaged by another riffle and is churned up again. In the Gould-Bazooka system however, the gold is allowed to settle to the bottom of the trap and be captured, and there are no riffles to disturb the process. The gold falls through the slots (Traps) into a storage compartment. The overburden is carried out through the internal tube to the Nugget Trap and discarded onto the tailing pile. The real key to making this design work, is the entire dredge is flooded 100% with water and material, with almost no air bubbles and zero riffles. By the time the gold travels from the Suction Nozzle to the Nugget Trap, the gold has settled to the bottom of the tube. Once the gold has traveled to the bottom of the tube, it follows gravity and drops into one of many slots.


A 3" plug, located in the bottom of the storage compartment, is removed to recover the gold. The dredge is placed over a 5-gallon bucket and by turning on the pump, the gold is washed into the bucket. At this point the material recovered is black sand and gold, which can be panned out by hand.


There is no need to impede this process by adding riffles, they would only interrupt and destroy the unique collection method and process.

Nugget Trap

The Nugget Trap is used to capture any Nuggets larger then ¼ inch in size. There are approximately 10 traps that are 1/2" deep by 1/2" wide in the Nugget Trap. The trap is removable, to allow the nuggets to be extracted.

Pump & Motor

The Pump & Motor needs to be at least 200 GPM for the 4.0", 300 GPM for the 5.0" and 400 GPM for the 6.0". A Pressure Hose of 1-1/2" in diameter and about 20 to 30 ft. in length, is needed to power the Dredge. The Pump & Motor are usually operated from the riverbank, but they can be floated.


The Dredge can also be suspended, using an inter-tube on the surface. A rope is secured to the tube and the other end is attached to the Dredge. The rope's length is adjusted so the Dredge is 3 or 4 -ft. from the River Bottom. This will allow larger and taller tailing Piles. You could also float your Pump & Motor from the tube, if desired.


The weight of the 4.0" Gould-Bazooka is 31 pounds, the 5.0" Gould-Bazooka is 35 pounds, and the 6.0" Gould-Bazooka is 40 pounds.

These weights are based on using a 5.0-ft. length of Suction Hose.

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