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GRAVITY-TRAP Questions and Answers

Why is the Gould-Gravity-Trap Dredge different from any other dredge on the market?

Really the main difference is that the Gould-Gravity-Trap Sluice Box is a completely new concept in gold recovery. The basic design of dredges has not drastically changed for the last 100 years. The Hungarian Riffle has always been the design of choice.

There have been modifications and variations of this design for the last 20 years but they don’t seem to have uncovered anything earth shaking.

Do you use rugs and mats in your system?

Rugs and mats did an adequate job until my revolutionary system came along. The rugs have a tendency to also collect dirt and clay, which interfere with the gold gathering capability. The Gould-Gravity-Trap uses the principal Newtonian physics or in plain words, gravity. When the material flows over a slot, the heavy metals drop into it. A small barrier is placed before each slot to de-accelerate the flow. When the final cleanup is accomplished it is only processing heavy sand and gold.

If your system is good as you claim, why hasn’t it been on the market earlier?

If I had invented it earlier it would have been on the market earlier. This patent pending concept is quite new to the dredging world and I am quite sure it will take some time for the old timers to modernize. There are still people using typewriters instead of using a Word Processor on a home computer.

So you don’t have rugs or mats, do you still use the riffle system?

Not really, my system uses a very small stall before each slot, to reduce the speed of the material so it will not overshoot the gap or slot.

What happens to the heavy materials after they fall through the slots?

The final cleanup is accomplished in the corrugated tubes, which when filled with black sand and gold, are emptied into a bucket for final processing.

Suppose nuggets larger nuggets pass the slots, how do you intent to catch them?

In actually testing, most nuggets are caught in the first stall or barrier. Again gravity takes over and holds them in place. That’s why it is called the Gould-Gravity-Trap, gravity being the key word here.

What happens if a clump of clay goes through your system?

Darn good question. Clay is a miner’s worst nightmare, for it will rob you of your gold. One real advantage to the Gould-Gravity-Trap Sluice Box, is that once you have captured it you have it for good. The standard sluice box can be robbed of gold by attracting and sticking to the gold as it goes through the sluice box.

My High Banker (Motorized Sluice Box), uses a tight grizzly with baffles and 360 degree high velocity water to break up the clay. This approach appears to be adequate until something better is invented.

Why is your grizzly spaced so close together as compared to other units on the market?

Actually there was a method to my madness. The other units you mention use larger spacing on their Grizzly. This larger spacing however allows larger rocks to fall into the dredge. Here we go back to physics and Gravity again. The larger rocks take more energy to move them through the riffle system, to get more energy the velocity of the water must be increased, and there goes the small and fine gold. You might say what’s the difference, I only want to keep the big stuff anyway. Bad reasoning, gold is gold and it all pays the same, please don’t throw it away. That is unless you let me work your tailings.

I read a report from the Canadian Government on riffle systems, and you design was not among them.

Your words are like arrows piercing my heart. No I did not make that report but then again they had not heard of my system yet.

Why don’t you submit your design to the Canadian Government for evaluation?

I probably will after my patent is issued. I t grieves me to see them studying such out of date principles.

Does your Gold-Gravity-Trap have a dredge size limitation?

The basic design can be adjusted to fit any dredge size design.

Can the Gould-Gravity-Trap be used under water?

Not with my present design but I am working on adapting the Gould-Gravity-Trap to operate underwater. So far you are the first to ask for such a design, however I do have the Gould-Bazooka, which will operate underwater, in current production.

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