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BAZOOKA Questions and Answers

Is the Gould-Bazooka as good as a conventional dredge?

The Gould-Bazooka is better than a conventional dredge. With respect to physical size, efficiency, Gold recovery, especially fine Gold recovery, non-clog design, and mobility.

Does the Gould-Bazooka cost the same as other dredges?

The Gould-Bazooka and its support system cost less than half the price of other dredges.

Does the Gould-Bazooka really work, or is it just another passing fancy gadget?

For one thing it is not just another fancy gadget. There has been more than 2 years of development to engineer the product. This product was designed to fill the shortcomings of other dredges.

Why do you think that your product is superior to what is being produced by other companies?

Other companies have their own products to sell and they have been making small improvements to advance the science of Gold recovery, using dredges.

There appears to be only a handful of engineers really trying to develop new concepts in Gold recovery.

Does your device have any plugging problems?

Plugging problems have plagued dredge operators for many years. The best cure has been to weld a reducing ring on the front of the input nozzle. Our device also uses this approach and it appears to be quite effective.

Do you have rugs or mats to catch the Gold?

The Gould-Bazooka is a design that does not use conventional rugs or mats. The Gold recovery system is based on a patent applied for system. This new system is radically new from the conventional dredges now sold on the market.

Does your system use various riffle designs, and if not how do you catch the Gold?

The Hungarian riffle system has been used for many years and has been effective for larger size gold recovery. The Gould-Bazooka has a new approach to the Hungarian riffle. The new concept, which is patent pending, is discussed at length in the document called the Gould-Bazooka.

Does your system require two people to carry your dredge to the water?

No it doesn’t. One person can manage the entire system.

There is a similar product to yours on the market with a limitation on operating angle, do you have the same problem?

The Gould-Bazooka does not have a problem with operating position. Once the gold is captured tipping or rotating can’t lose it. The only way to dislodge the heavy metals is to remove the front nozzle assembly.

Do you have a problem with tailings building up behind you?

Not really, the force of the device blows the tailings back a good 20 feet. And if you were using the dredge hose on the front of the device, it would be extended farther.

Would it help to float the Gould-Bazooka on a set of pontoons?

It would be against the operator’s best interest to do this, because the more rock and sand you have to lift is power wasted. If you want to move the material at a higher velocity, then keep it short and simple. Using the Gould-Bazooka as an under water dredge, works best with around a 10 foot hose on the front and letting the dredge sink to the bottom.

This configuration will get the maximum performance from the device.

The Gould-Bazooka seems awfully small, can it do the same job of recovering gold as the dredges on the market?

Not only will it do what the other dredges do it will catch the fine gold that they spill overboard. The new patent pending system has a new and high efficiency for fine and regular size gold recovery.

Why hasn’t the market seen your type of device before?

New technology is slow to take over the market. Once the Gould-Bazooka is discovered and is common usage, it will be recognized as a breakthrough in new technology.

How do you clean your device when it gets jammed with rocks?

The design of the Gould-Bazooka is such that it does not jam. If small rocks were to jam in the slots, then you merle unscrew the device from the rear and remove them. However,

with many hours of testing, jamming of any kind has not been a problem. The high efficiency of the device keeps the velocity very high, which keep the rocks moving faster than a conventional dredge.

Note: These questions have been taken from potential customers interested in the product. They have not been taken verbatim due to space limitation and most questions were discussed orally.

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