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Weight: 14 lbs.              
Note: please see The New Bazooka

Note: additional Bazooka operational details are included in the Bazooka Demo page.

The Gould-Bazooka, is a brand new concept in dredging for Gold.

The older method for dredging uses a trough with a riffle system and a carpet type material to catch and hold the Gold.

The new Gould-Bazooka uses a new technology that is lighter in weight and has a much greater efficiency in the heavy metal Gold recovery.

If you look at the picture attached to this enclosure, you will see the inventor holding the device. The Input Nozzle is in the water and with it’s powerful suction, is able to vacuum the overburden into the device. The overburden contains the rock, light sand, black sand, Gold and other precious metals.

The heart of the design, which is patent pending, is the unique Separator. This new concept separates the precious heavy metals from the much lighter sand and gravel.

The lighter materials are un-effected by the separator and are swept through the device and exit out the aft end.

The heavy materials are greatly effected by the Separator. The first part of the Separator has a component, called the Concentrator, which causes the heavy, (High Specific Gravity), materials, as well as the water, to spin. The heavy materials, due to centrifugal force, are forced against the wall of the inter tube. The Separator tube, has 22 traps or slots which allow the heavy material to escape from the inter wall to the Main Storage Chamber. Once the heavy materials enter this Storage Chamber, they are trapped until the front end Nozzle Assembly component is released and the contents poured into a bucket.

Most of the slots are cut to capture the fine Gold but there are other larger slots cut to capture the large Gold and nuggets.

The Concentrator has a second function, it causes any lighter sands that have moved into the Storage Chamber to be scrubbed back out to the overburden.

A handle is attached to the Storage Chamber to hold and operate the Gould-Bazooka.

Note: The actual workings of the Concentrator and Separator will not be discussed in any more detail, until the Patent is issued.

The output or contents of the Separator moves through the Suction Venturi and then exits out through the Nugget Trap and back into the river or stream.

The Nugget Trap captures any boulder size Nuggets that have escaped from the Concentrator-Separator.

The Suction-Venturi tube is connected by a 20-foot long and 1.5-inch diameter hose, which is connected to a 100 GPM (Gallon Per Minute) pump with a 3.5 or 5.0 HP engine.

The pump can be floated by a Tube Float or operated from the shoreline. For the shoreline operation, a cart with bicycle wheels can be used to both carry the pump and used to operate from.

Many miners prefer to operate the Gould-Bazooka under water. To accomplish this, the Input Nozzle is replaced with a Dredge Hose Adapter. A piece of 2.5-inch dredge hose is attached to the adapter and a 45-degree nozzle is attached to the other end of the dredge hose. The Miner may choose to use anything from 5 to 20 feet of hose. The Gould-Bazooka will then lie on the river bottom. A special foot has been designed to keep the device from pushing the operator due to the jet effect from the Suction Venturi exhaust stream. The Gould-Bazooka weighs less than 20 pounds and breaks down to three sections.

Note: additional Bazooka operational details are included in the Bazooka Demo page.

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