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A clear plastic model of the Gould-Bazooka, was built as a demonstration device and to observe the various dynamics going inside the device.

The total system is closed loop in operation, that is to say it is self-contained without the need of a body of water and gravel.

The water to run the device is stored in a tub. An electric water pump is located at the bottom of the tub and its output connected to the input of the Gould-Bazooka.

The input to the device has a tee junction where the material is hand poured into.

The output of the device dumps back to the tub via a bucket located to one side in the tub.

The purpose of the bucket is to catch the sand and gravel. As the bucket overflows, it spills into the tub where it is picked up by the pump. This cycle continues until the demonstration is halted.

After the pump is turned on and running, then the sand and gravel mixture is hand poured into the hopper. A measured amount of Gold is salted into the mixture to show the complete recovery system. Various nuggets are also injected into the hopper to show the nugget retrieval system.

The heart of the recovery system is the Separator and the Concentrator.

As the mixture is poured into the hopper, the observer can see the light sand and rocks traveling down the Separator and Concentrator and being swept away and exiting out the end of the device.

The heavy metals and black sand are seen rotating in a spiral pattern from the effects of the Concentrator. When this heavy mixture reaches a slot in the Separator, it is sent down with a flurry of eddy currents. Each slot produces its own eddy current pattern, each being different from the other.

Underneath these eddy currents is the Storage Container which captures the heavy metals and black sands

Underneath the eddy currents is an undertow of fast moving water. This undertow performs two jobs; the heavy metals and black sands are swept to the exit end of the Storage Container. And the second function is to provide a self-cleaning of any lighter material that may have worked there way into the Storage Container.

The lighter materials are swept above the black sand mixture and exit out through the slot closest to the exit.

When the demonstration is completed, the black sand mixture is poured out through an exit hole in the bottom of the Storage Container into a pan for further processing the Gold recovery.

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